How To Beat The Impulse Buy

So, you’ve made up your mind, read all the benefits, and have decided to start saving money. You know exactly how much you plan to save and you even have an indestructible piggy bank to ensure you won’t be grabbing at it anytime soon. But how do you beat that oh so sweet desire to spend your saved money on something other than what you are saving it for?

The answer is, ensuring that you think things through. Once you take away the impulse, the urge becomes much easier to control. First, give yourself a rule when you have an impulse buying urge. Pick a time limit, it can either be 5 minutes or 5 days, but it has to be an amount of time that allows you to think.

indestructible piggy bank

Then, take that time period and really think about that item. If you can’t buy it without dipping into your savings or the profits that are going into your savings, then think about why you want it. Can you see yourself making time to use it? What are the pros and cons of buying it now? Do you know if the sale or the item will come around again?

Asking these questions might seem silly but they really do help you fight through the ‘have to have it’ impulse phase, and go into the ‘do I really need it’ phase. Which is often much more reasonable and gives you more chances to back away.

When you take the impulse away from the impulse buy and instead take a set time limit to talk to yourself, the excitement of the new item or the sale will fade away and you can make a rational decision that will more than likely save you some serious money.